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Meet Our Mortgage Experts

Decisions about the financing of your home are among the most important that you will make, and you deserve the very best guidance and advice when navigating this process.

We are proud of the experience and expertise that our staff of Mortgage Originators and Specialists brings to you. Our staff has a variety of mortgage products at their disposal that will give you all the tools you need to assist in making the best decisions that meet your needs.

Our Mortgage Originators are available to meet with you at a branch near you for your convenience. Meeting with a Mortgage Originator is helpful in discussing your mortgage needs and guides you through the application process. For additional information about our Mortgage Originators, click their names from the list below.

Scott Mayberry photo Gary Thomas photo Helene Hogan photo
Scott Mayberry
(NMLS #797025)
Gary Thomas
(NMLS #937179)
Helene Hogan
(NMLS #190301)
(717) 350-9560 (717) 877-6089 (717) 756-5019
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Todd Landis photo Rita Carbaugh photo Bill Crouse photo
Todd Landis
(NMLS #783546)
Rita Carbaugh
(NMLS #210373)
Bill Crouse
(NMLS #615548)
(717) 805-2436 (717) 728-6827 (717) 418-2767
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Sherry Hommes photo Geoffrey Longwell photo Daniel Burkholder photo Jeff Dickison photo
Sherry Hommes
(NMLS #704406)
Geoffrey Longwell
(NMLS #514901)
Dan Burkholder
(NMLS #649875)
Jeff Dickison
(NMLS #438565)
(717) 364-2581 (717) 802-9602 (717) 368-3317 (317) 281-1071
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Jessica Rhen photo Rick Bouder photo Kay Beard photo Kay Beard photo
Jessica Rhen
(NMLS #797020)
Rick Bouder
(NMLS #663801)
Kay Beard
(NMLS #663793)
Chelsea Blackburn
(NMLS #1718996)
(717) 215-6025 (717) 343-4851 (717) 614-5707 (717) 303-9228
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Our Mortgage Specialists are also part of the application process. Together, you and a specialist will review the best mortgage scenario for you and continue the application process.

Mortgage Specialist Office Fax Email
Stacia Evans photo
Stacia Evans
(NMLS #797026)
(717) 458-6850 (717) 458-6897
Christina Sgrignoli photo
Christina Sgrignoli
(NMLS #663789)
(717) 458-6849 (717) 458-6885
Ann Stover photo
Ann Stover
(NMLS #1589270)
(717) 506-4816 (717) 458-6284
Nathan Hoyer photo
Nathan Hoyer
(NMLS #1978659)
(717) 458-6208
Jacob Egenrieder
Jacob Egenrieder
(NMLS #1978728)
(717) 458-6240


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