Protect your identity

We take data protection seriously. Our team of fraud and security experts work to ensure that no information you share with us ever falls into the wrong hands. And while we do everything we can to protect your identity, you are your own best line of defense.

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Defend your data

Are you taking the right steps to protect your personal and financial information? Don't worry—it's not as complicated as you might think.

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Contact our Team

First things first—if you think you've been a victim or are facing an immediate threat to your identity, please contact our team.

All Fraud Related Issues—please call to contact us regarding Identity Theft or Debit, Credit and ATM cards that have been lost, stolen, damaged, or where there is known or suspected fraud.

  Domestic Calls If Calling from Overseas
Visa Debit and ATM Cards (800) 826-4314 (414) 341-4015
Visa Credit Cards (800) 826-4314 (800) 847-2911 (VISA911)
Identify Theft and Other Fraud (800) 826-4314 (800) 826-4314

Report suspicious emails, phone calls or text messages—

If you receive a suspicious email, phone call or text representing itself as Members 1st Federal Credit Union, please notify us by either: emailing the information to:; or calling (800) 826-4314.

When you report suspicious activity, we can quickly respond and remediate any potential impact to our members.

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Getting Ready for Life's Moments and Milestones

Visa Signature® Card

Get 1.5% cash back (or 1.5 points) on every dollar you spend. On top of that, you get emergency medical coverage, trip interruption insurance, and Visa Signature Concierge Service—all with no annual fee.

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Protecting what you care about shouldn’t be complicated or unaffordable. We offer a full range of personal, group, auto, health, and life insurance plans through the most respected insurance companies in the business.

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For your protection please be advised that public Internet email is not secure. Various links within our web site allow you to submit information to us by public Internet email. Please DO NOT provide personal or account information through public email or submit any personal information that would compromise your identity including your account number, social security number, credit card numbers, electronic services PINs, passwords or mother's maiden name. Members 1st will not respond via public Internet email to requests-for-account-information or account activity. Please contact Customer Service with these types of requests at (800) 237-7288 or (717) 795-6049.