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High School Programs

We understand why it is essential that students are equipped with the skills to make financially sound decisions. By providing the educational tools necessary, we enrich our community members’ lives. When students participate in our financial education program, they engage in hands-on financial education activities and programs free of charge. If you’re interested in more information, please fill out our presentation request form.

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Financial Literacy Presentations:

Banking Services

Provide practice in comparing and evaluating various banking services including checking and savings accounts, ATM and debit cards, and online banking. Perform the tasks associated with maintaining checking and savings accounts.

Buying a Home

Give students a basic understanding of the process and costs involved with buying a home.


Assist in identifying and prioritizing personal and financial goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and provide practice setting up and maintaining a personal budget.

Car Loans

Investigate the legal and financial responsibilities of buying, maintaining, insuring, and operating a car, and translate those responsibilities into a monthly budget.

Consumer Privacy

Provide students with a general overview and awareness of privacy issues that impact their lives.


Provide an awareness and understanding of what credit is and of the rights and responsibilities of using credit.

Credit Cards

Develop skills to compare and evaluate the terms and conditions of various credit cards, and understand the legal and financial responsibilities involved.

Financial Aid Seminars

Offers the “how to” and “what you need to do” when completing the form to receive federal and state grants and loans.

The Influence of Advertising

Recognize how and when advertising techniques can influence buying decisions.

Living on Your Own (Renting an apartment)

Help students understand the costs of living on one’s own, provide practice in setting up budgets that include such costs, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to interpret and evaluate lease and rental agreements.

Making Decisions

Provide an understanding and an awareness of the factors that can influence decisions, introduce basic decision-making methodologies, and provide structured practice in analyzing a problem, identifying options, and making a decision.

Making Money

Show how to recognize and identify some of the real and hidden costs and benefits of working, offer tips for starting a new career, and provide practice reading and interpreting pay stubs.

Mock Interviews

Provide training for students to practice their interviewing and resume writing skills in front of a local business professional.

Participation in Back-to-School Night Activities

Offer students, faculty and parents an opportunity to meet the local Members 1st branch staff, tour the in-school branches and hear more about the Members 1st mission, products and services.

Saving & Investing

Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of common savings and investment vehicles, and show the short- and long-term effects of various savings and investment choices.

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