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DocuSign is the industry leading service provider for electronic signatures. DocuSign has pioneered the development of e-signature technology and has helped organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. For more information on DocuSign, please visit

Why use DocuSign to sign your Members 1st FCU documents?

  • DocuSign is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to electronically sign and track documents.
  • No Cost. It costs nothing to sign a document, a DocuSign account is not required and your electronic signature holds the same weight as a pen and paper.
  • Fast. Available on demand, DocuSign lets you electronically sign and return documents in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.
  • Easy. With no need to print, fax or mail, you can easily sign with any internet‐enabled device.

Is DocuSign safe?

DocuSign meets the industry’s rigorous security certification standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available. Meeting US, EU, and global security standards, DocuSign utilizes data encryption technologies to keep their customers and our members information safe and secure.

How will I know I am using DocuSign?

Members may receive emails from DocuSign on behalf of Members 1st FCU when working with a Members 1st associate to complete a loan or account request. The emails will include links to documents that need to be signed or reviewed. The documents within these email links can be printed or saved as desired. In some cases, DocuSign will be seamlessly integrated into an already familiar process.

How can I access documents I signed using DocuSign?

Members will continue to obtain account and loan documentation by submitting a request to a Members 1st representative via phone call to Customer Service: (800) 237-7288), online banking chat session, or in person at your local branch.

Are electronic signatures legal?

In 2000, the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act established electronic records and signatures as legally binding, having the same legal effects as traditional paper documents and handwritten signatures. DocuSign warrants federal ESIGN Act compliance.

How do you get my signature on the loan documents?

The first time you sign a document, you will be asked to create your own signature. You can type in your name and select a font or create a signature using your mouse. This signature will be associated with a unique identifier so that every document you sign will be recorded as signed.

Do I have to have a DocuSign account?

No. A DocuSign account is not required, but can be used to save and view your loan documents until you are able to print or save them to your computer for your records. Your documents will be available through your DocuSign account for 180 days. By creating an account, the signature you create will be saved and can be utilized for future transactions. The DocuSign password that you use to set up the account will be required each time you utilize your DocuSign account.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

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